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Are You Experiencing Hair Loss or Thinning?

It is no secret that a common symptom of COVID-19 is hair loss. Many people who had the infection in the past are noticing hair thinning and increased hair loss on their scalp.
Feb 16th, 2021

Are You Starting 2021 Feeling Tired and Fatigued?

Many people are starting out 2021 feeling stressed, burnt out, and lets be honest…tired! From fighting a pandemic, to murder hornets and a crazy election, we all could use a spa day to unwind and reset.
Jan 20th, 2021

Listen To Your Gut: A Brief Guide To Digestive Health

There are 327.2 million people in the US as of 2018. Would you believe that 74% (or 242 million) have some kind of digestive difficulty. This can range from gas, bloating and pain to Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and even cancer.
Mar 4th, 2020

How healthy is your terrain?

As we say at Live Well, its not about the bug its about the terrain. If you take for example some one that is contagious with the flu virus or any virus for that matter and put them in a room with a group of healthy people not all of those healthy ...
Feb 4th, 2020

What You Should Know About the Novel Coronavirus

It’s hard not to be worried with all the new media circulating about the Novel Coronavirus. We want to give you some information about this virus and how it compares to other well known viruses so you can make healthy decisions to stay well.
Feb 4th, 2020

10 Ways to Improve Your Health in the New Year

With the New Year fast approaching, it is the perfect time to start to think about our 2020 New Year’s resolutions. Many of us see the new year as the perfect time to start fresh and think about how we can improve our health, change our lifestyle, and ...
Dec 26th, 2019

The Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

As we age, our bodies naturally stop producing sex hormones, such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. This process, known as menopause in women, contributes to a wide array of negative symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, ...
Dec 11th, 2019

Male Menopause Is Not Just For Older Men

Hearing an older man talking about feeling tired, losing muscle mass, or having a decrease in sex drive is probably not surprising to anyone. Hearing that men can suffer from male menopause, that will get your attention. It all has to do with testosterone.
Nov 4th, 2018

Apple Watch 4 Keeps You Healthy

At Live Well Wellness Center we practice naturopathic care – it’s something we strongly believe in. Once a month we’ll send you an email about the latest in naturopathic care. Why? Because your health is very important to us.
Nov 4th, 2018

5 Questions About Cold and Flu Season

This week temperatures in the valley dropped – big time. Whenever the temperature falls, we find ourselves outside more and around people more, with that comes exposure to cold and flu viruses.
Nov 4th, 2018

Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions Answered

Humans, we have around 50 hormones in our bodies and 10 different glands from which these hormones are secreted. For the most part, we are unaware of what these hormones do in our bodies on a daily basis.
Sep 29th, 2018