Michelle McConnell, NMD


Michelle Mcconnell, NMD


Dr. McConnell was born in Phoenix, Arizona but has also lived in many places in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Utah and Washington, the last two as an adult. Although it may seem like she was a city girl, Dr. McConnell grew up on a farm. In fact, her medical experience began on her family’s farm with the medical care of her animals.

“I passed out cold the first time I saw my Dad give our cat vaccinations.”

This experience allowed Dr. McConnell to realize that she wanted to help people. It was as a teenager that she got interested in science and worked as a veterinary technician. The fascination of science, nature and the human body and how perfectly orchestrated it all is was the reason she chose the medical field.

Practicing medicine has many rewards as Dr. McConnell will tell you.

“Making the patient feel better when they are certain they won’t. Giving back a quality life so they can follow their bliss, which is the purpose of our lives.”

Dr. McConnell knows the importance of preventative care. When you put an emphasis on preventative care, it offers a longer, higher quality life and empowers a person to pursue what matters in their life.

For Dr. McConnell, practicing medicine is more than her job, it’s about improving and fostering human connections. Deeper human connections teach us about life, love and ourselves.

“My goal is honest, genuine connections with people everyday.”

When you build these relationships with the patient, you are able to speak truthfully about all your past health choices, no matter what they are. Dr. McConnell will tell all her patients, “that was you then, you are not that person now.” The past is a lesson to learn and improve on. It’s knowledge just like anything else. Focusing on the future and not your past is when you move forward.

Outside the office, making time for herself is Dr. McConnell’s top priority. That one aspect is different from day-to-day.

What Dr. McConnell Wants You to Know About Her

“I would be honored to join you in your journey toward optimum health.”


2010-2014 – Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Tempe, AZ
1995-2000 Bachelor of Science in Microbiology (Minor in Virology) from Arizona State University Tempe, AZ

Preceptor Training

Dr. Christina Puyat, MD Dermatology over 300 hours
Asian Stem Cell Institute and Regenerative Medicine, PASIG, Metro Manila, Philippines
Received extensive training in laser technology, lipolysis aspiration, stem cell processing and aesthetic dermal fillers, as well as Botox® and Dysport® training.


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