Hormone Replacement Supplements


ADK – a blend of vitamins A, D and K. Synergistically these vitamins help to promote immune, heart, bone and eye health. In addition, Vitamin’s A and K help the body to optimize the absorption of Vitamin D. We find this supplement combined with HRT to be incredibly beneficial in boosting bone density which is a huge problem in the aging population.

​​​​​​​DIM (diindolylmethane)
– This is one of the most important supplements when it comes to HRT. DIM is vital in protecting the body from harmful estrogen in the body. It also ensures that the hormones are metabolizing to the healthiest hormone pathway. Men take note…This is important to ensure that your body does not produce too much estrogen.

B-Vitamins– B Vitamins play an important role in promoting energy and brain health. They are cofactors in many metabolic processes in the body, making them vital for immune function and overall health.

Fish Oil– Fish oils contain omega-3’s and omega-6’s. These are important to help support healthy brain function, lower bad cholesterol and increased good cholesterol, lower triglycerides, decrease inflammation and prevent heart disease. Not all fish oils are created equal though! It is important to find a source that tests for environmental toxicities that can be harmful to the body, such as Mercury.

Probiotic – Gut Health plays an integral part of your overall well being. Probiotics can populate your gut with beneficial bacteria it needs for Optimal Weight, Immune Health,
Mental Health, G.I Health and a Healthy Cardiovascular System. There is so much emerging science when it comes to beneficial bacteria in the gut and the positive effects it has on virtually every system of the body. We encourage getting a healthy dose of fermented foods from the diet or for sensitive groups who find trouble getting those foods into their diet, supplementation is recommended.